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For Divergent Thinkers

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I work with entrepreneurs, founders, business leaders, politicians and creatives who have been ‘diagnosed’ or self-identify as neurodivergent and want to understand how it has impacted them historically, currently and how it can inform their path forward.

I support clients in understanding and celebrating their divergent ways of being in the world, in connecting with their purpose and gaining clarity around their strengths and challenges.  

Living with clarity and direction can make all the difference to a life well lived but many of us have become stuck in learnt ways of being; adapting rather than thriving.

I aim to create a safe and empathetic coaching relationship with my clients, guiding them to explore their ways of being in the world, seeing themselves with greater clarity and compassion.
It is from this new vantage point that change is possible.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

As a Certified and Accredited Coach I aspire to create a warm and empathetic space for clients to feel truly seen, heard and championed.  I was trained in transformational coaching which aims to go deeper, exploring a client's inner world of beliefs, assumptions, values and expectations.

Once we see ourselves with greater clarity, we can reframe and reform unhelpful thinking and in turn, our behaviours.  Through deep listening and coaching techniques I hope to help clients move from confusion or uncertainty to clarity, purpose and action, helping them create the change that they seek.  I pride myself on being able to meet clients where they are, helping them feel truly seen and fully accepted for all that they are.

I am particularly attuned to neurodivergent entrepreneurs, creative business leaders, managers, those experiencing burnout or imposter syndrome, coping with high levels of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, as well as those navigating career changes.

I also offer career and job coaching to neurodivergent clients who have struggled to find secure and rewarding work.  I help clients understand their strengths and challenges, building confidence, generating insights and tools to secure satisfying work.

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Business Mentoring

Mentoring differs from coaching in that, as a mentor, I offer my knowledge, expertise and experience to support clients with business decision making.  I have accumulated 25+ years’ global business experience, predominantly in public relations and communications, which culminated in my Managing Director role at a fashion/luxury brand communications agency in London with 160 staff.


Since 2017 I have been working alongside founders and business leaders in the fashion and luxury sector as a mentor, supporting them with business decisions, as well as leading on staff care, wellbeing and development. I combine an intuitive mentoring style with solid commercial understanding and broad business experience to guide clients to their own solutions.

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Quality of Coaching Relationship

Holding clients in unconditional  positive regard, with total acceptance, is fundamentally important to the coaching relationship.

As with therapy, it is the quality and chemistry within the coaching relationship that will determine how effective the coaching process is.  Each coach and client will create their own unique relationship so it is worth spending time finding the right coach for you.

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