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Curious Empath

I was born and educated in London, attending a top academic school where I was repeatedly shamed for not being as clever as my sister.  In hindsight I realise that my neurodivergent brain meant that I processed things differently.  Somehow I managed to obtain a BSc in Psychology from UCL and an MSc in Nutrition from King's College London but the belief that I was not clever enough and that my brain was 'unfocused and all over the place', stayed with me.


At the age of 21 I set off on my own to travel and work my way around the world, building up my courage and sense of self.  I continued to push myself to live, work and volunteer abroad throughout my 20s and 30s. Feeling courageous and doing work that mattered was important for my sense of self.  I had landed in the world of PR and social marketing and worked with global food and healthcare clients, often turning the science into public health and brand messages that had the potential to shift attitudes and behaviours.

Over the years I have acquired 25+ years’ global business experience predominantly in public relations and communications having worked at various agencies in London, New York, Toronto and Vancouver. My agency life culminated in my Managing Director role at one of the world's leading strategic brand development and communications agencies in fashion, wellness, beauty and lifestyle. Things I learnt in that role include that I love the optimism of fashion and working with creative people; that knowing your tipping point and nurturing good mental health to avoid burnout are important; that I am a good co-pilot; that I enjoy supporting leaders and lifting people up; and that, while I understand the commercial imperatives of a business and can find my way around a spreadsheet, it is the people side of the business where I feel the greatest sense of purpose and value.


Becoming an Accredited Transformational Coach has enabled me to further develop my skills, deepening and widening the support I can provide to clients.  I love supporting clients to recognise the patterns and beliefs which are holding them back, allowing them to move forward positively with greater clarity and confidence.​


For someone who intuitively gravitates towards human kindness, curiosity and supporting people to find their purpose, I have found mine in coaching and mentoring.  

​What's your purpose?

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