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Client Testimonials

I was very stuck and lost when I met Caroline.  At that time I just got my ADHD diagnosis and impulsively quit my dead end job after years of cumulated burnout from trying to fit in a neurotypical style of living.  I was like Sisyphus. The sessions have been like finally reaching an oasis and finding peace. I felt so understood as a neurodivergent and as an artist. She helped me accept that I can do things my way and that it is ok to take my time without feeling guilty. Thanks to Caroline, the feelings of confusion and inadequacy have now transformed into excitement and confidence to do what I love unrestrained, at my own pace and I am just so happy. I will always be so grateful.

Alex - Artist

I first started working with Caroline as a mentor to help me navigate my position as CEO of a fashion company. I don’t know what I would have done without her, she ended up being my coach, my therapist, a solid sounding board and my cheerleader. She helped me get over my self-doubt and imposter syndrome. She gave me the confidence to make some very difficult business decisions and her business advice and her knack for seeing problems before they happen is unparalleled! The excellent thing about working with Caroline is she never tells you what to do, instead she asks the right questions and listens, leading you to reach your own conclusions in the end.

Safiya - Fashion CEO

Caroline is an incredible coach. She is warm, approachable and knowledgeable and I cannot express enough what a positive impact my sessions with Caroline have had on my life. I am currently having sessions with a psychiatrist, a psychologist and Caroline for coaching, and I can hand-on-heart say that of those 3 types of support I am currently receiving it is my sessions with Caroline that have, by far, had the biggest positive impact on my life, my mental health and my ADHD management. In short, Caroline is brilliant and I am so grateful to have been able to work with her.

Rebecca - Designer

I worked with Caroline over 8 sessions to help give me some focus in my search for a new job.  She worked with me to modify my CV and covering letter, so that it better reflected my strengths and skills. Working with her has done wonders for my confidence as I now feel I can apply for jobs that I want rather than jobs I can merely do, and I know I will succeed.  I am so pleased I had the opportunity to work with Caroline as a job coach.

Max - Data Analyst

Caroline and I worked together over seven sessions and after only five sessions I managed to secure a new job after having not had a full-time role for two years.  Caroline understood my learning difficulties and instinctively knew what I needed help with.  She’s given me techniques to improve my attention and concentration, as well as manage my frustrations.   I have more confidence in my skills and abilities which allowed me to find the right job after trying unsuccessfully for years.  I was surprised by how quickly the job coaching with Caroline helped me. As well as helping me secure a job it also gave me much more confidence in my abilities and I now feel much more positive and happier in myself.  I would 100% recommend Caroline to anyone who is struggling.   It’s the most support I’ve ever had with my disability so far.

Sean - Marketing Executive

Caroline’s agency background combined with her coaching training has been incredibly helpful for me, as a sole business owner leading a team and reorganising a business through a pandemic.  She has acted as a trusted confidante, business advisor and coach; a sound board for business planning, operational organisation and staff wellbeing and helped me navigate sticky situations whilst giving me confidence in my own abilities and decision-making. Having supported a number of business owners in previous roles, she understands the pressure of responsibility that business owners carry and takes both an empathetic and practical approach which has been invaluable to me, giving me confidence and support where needed.

Daisy - Founder Luxury PR

Caroline helped me to be a more open person with how I feel and approach others, which has dramatically changed how I deal with my family and work colleagues. Caroline’s strengths would be she's very open minded about how you think and feel about situations so you never feel judged or embarrassed.  She offers great suggestions for how you might like to deal with difficult situations but I never once felt as if I was pressured to do new things.  She helped me with every small step along the way.  With her support I was able to secure and enjoy a new job.  I'm so grateful.

Ashley - Fashion Logistics

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